Company Policy

Business Philosophy

  • Small but Diamond-bright
  • Everyone to share happiness

Ethical Business Practice

NRS Group takes absolute pride in being a member of the logistics and distributing industry, which forms the nucleus of industry. Our business activities are constantly carried out, based on foundations of responsibility with regards to ethical behavior, compliance of the local governing law and emphasis on safety. We value our standing in this industry and in the society, and will continuously adopt the principle of fair competition.

To ensure that this fair competition principle is being carried out in unity, our directors and employees understand the spirit of the standards set out below and implement them accordingly.

  • Compliance

    NRS Group observes and operates accordingly within the framework of the governing law and regulations.

  • Safety

    NRS Group highly regards safety as its paramount social responsibility. To achieve this, we are committed and determined to develop and improve our services through continuous innovation and understanding of our environment.

  • Responsibility

    NRS Group enthusiastically accepts its responsibility toward the promotion of safety, health and the preservation of the environment.

  • Respect

    NRS Group holds high regards for the characteristics and welfare of every employee and is committed to maintaining a rich, comfortable workplace that supports the well-being.

  • Improvement

    NRS Group actively encourages the continuing education of every employee with the aim of developing a team of professionals who have good knowledge of the most advanced technologies in their fields.

  • Accountability

    NRS Group values its working relationship with clients, contracts, employees and shareholders. We ensures that we will only act with honesty and integrity, and all transactions are transacted at arm’s length.

  • Corporate Social Commitment

    NRS Group understands and is committed to play the role as a global citizen with the due diligent care. It is our duty to accept and respect the cultures, customs and law of other countries.

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